WBC Constitution

1. Club Name and Affiliation
          The club shall be called Windsor Badminton Club, hereafter called WBC.
The WBC is affiliated with the Western Ontario Badminton Association (WOBA) and plays recreational badminton in Windsor Ontario. The club shall operate as a non-profit organization.

2. Aims and Objectives
          The aims and objectives of the WBC shall be to:
          *play and promote badminton in the Windsor area
          *increase the standard of play among members
          *make sure all WBC members are treated fairly

3. Board of Directors
          The board will consist of a President, Finance Director, Communications Director, Marketing Director, WOBA Director and may also include other ordinary members appointed by the Directors to help with the general running of the WBC.
Directors will be voted or appointed into office for a term of 2 years at the meeting held in odd numbered years. Board Directors must be a minimum of 18 years of age. To sit on the Board of Directors you must be a fully paid member the year before elected/appointed and while sitting on the board you must be a fully paid member in good standing. All board members are volunteers and receive no money for service. No board member will have an expense account.  A quorum shall consist of 3 board Directors.

4. Running of the Club
          The President’s job is to see to the day to day running of the WBC, and to request gym time.  Communications Director’s job is to email members of sudden schedule changes as well as club news and updates, and keep an up to date members list including email addresses, take minutes of meetings and be custodian of documents, and help the members filling out forms. Marketing Director’s job is to promote the WBC through various media with emphasis in increasing membership. Financial Director’s job is to conduct all financial business for the WBC including collecting membership fees, deposits, and withdrawals and writing cheques for expenses as and when required. WOBA Director’s job is to deal with all aspects concerning the WOBA. All Directors jobs shall also include general helping with the running of the WBC wherever needed, and not just limited to their specific job duty description. A Director should be there to open and close a play session, explain club rules to new members and resolve disputes and disturbances. The webmaster should maintain the website, post play schedule, fees, constitution, code of conduct, bylaws, and post any special announcements.

5. Meetings
        The WBC will hold an annual meeting at the end of the season, whose purpose is to review the past year, consider amendments to the constitution, elect or appoint members to the Board. All matters will be decided by a simple majority vote cast by members present by a show of hands unless a motion has been proposed to hold a vote by secret ballot.
          Agenda for meeting
          *Roll call
          *Approval of minutes of previous meeting
          *Presidents report
          *Financial report
          *Any Directors reports
          *Unfinished business
          *Amendments to the constitution
          *Election or appointment of Board member(s)
          *New Business
        The board shall meet as and when it is considered necessary.

6. Finance and Bank Account
          All WBC monies shall be banked in an account held in the name of the WBC.
The Finance Director shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the WBC. Any transaction over $100 shall be decided by the Board. The Finance Director shall keep a record of all income and expenditures.
 Any member using his or her money for WBC business must have supporting receipts with an explanation to be reimbursed.
          The financial year of the WBC shall be from September 1st to August 31st.
The Finance Director shall be authorized to withdraw WBC funds from this account and when required to write a cheque, the cheque must countersigned by at least 2 authorised signatories.
          Should the WBC no longer be viable, and the accounts need to be wound up, then any residual funds, after all creditors have been satisfied, shall be donated to a club or organization with similar aims and objectives, or donated to a registered charity. The final decision shall remain with the joint Directors.


7. Membership
To become a member you must fully complete a Liability Waiver form and a Membership form to the Committee and pay the membership fee. You may pay the fee in cash or by cheque no debit or credit cards. The forms will be made available at session play throughout the year.
          Membership shall consist of adult and junior members 14 years and older. All prospective members under 14 years old may be considered for membership provided they meet a minimum standard of play. The standard of play shall be assessed by the Committee. The Committee’s decision as to whether or not to accept their application shall be final.
          The WBC shall be based on a membership basis. New members who have joined the WBC following a guest fee payment shall have only 2 guest fees deducted from the membership fee. Even if more than 2 guest fees has been collected at the time of membership application.
 Guest fees, adult, and junior membership fees will be reviewed annually.  That rate will be set and remain unchanged throughout that season.
  Half year memberships are available at a price fixed by the Directors usually for September to December and  for the winter session January to May.
Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
All members and guests shall be subject to follow the constitution and codes of conduct adopted by the WBC. A copy of the constitution and code of conduct shall be available on the WBC website. The board has the power to expel a member in exceptional circumstances.
No reimbursement for paid membership shall be made when a member leaves the WBC.

8. Constitution Changes
          The purpose of this constitution is to provide a means for the efficient operation and management of the WBC, to remove inconsistency and misunderstanding of the WBC rules and to direct the behavior of its members in ways which can be seen to benefit the WBC overall and its members.
          This Constitution can be changed by the Board of Directors at any time.

9. Guests
          WBC members shall be entitled to bring guests to a WBC play session. Guests may play an unlimited number of times in the season provided they have paid for that play session in advance. A guest shall check in and pay a visitor’s session fee in advance of play at such an amount as shall be from time to time fixed by the Committee. All guests will be expected to abide by all the rules and codes of conduct that members abide by.

10. Equipment and Dress
           Nets and posts are provided by the facility. Shuttlecocks shall be provided by the WBC and shall generally be nylon shuttlecocks.
Members wanting to play with feather shuttlecocks will provide them at their own expense.
          All players shall provide their own racquets and players must wear suitable non-marking indoor footwear.
It is mandatory for grade school and high school members to wear eye protection. Those who do not comply with the mandatory eye protection rule will be asked to leave the court until such time as they comply with this policy.

11. Data Collected
          Information collected on the WBC membership form to the Committee may be held on computer. Our data collection and storage is governed by the Privacy Act and will not be sold or shared with any other entity other than the WOBA which will require only membership type (adult or junior) and sex. No personal information is exchanged.

12. General
          Any dispute arising out of or not covered by the Constitution shall be referred to the Committee where a decision or interpretation shall be final. All complaints must be made in writing to the Committee.

          The Windsor Badminton Club is an affiliated member of the OBA (Ontario Badminton Association).
          Follow the link provided for more information on the OBA.

Link to the OBA website