WBC Constitution
Rally point scoring

Club Rules & Other Info

There are not a lot of rules in the WBC and most of the ones we have are pretty much based on common sense and/or common courtesy.  We are also providing some additional information regarding equipment, court conduct, etc. which should be helpful as well and on separate pages, details on how to use our game board and how to keep score using 'Rally Point Scoring'.

Clothing and equipment

- You must have clean shoes with non-marking soles in order to play.
- Badminton racquets are not supplied by the club so bring your own.
- Shuttles are not supplied by the club, you must bring your own.
- Protective eyewear is mandatory for all junior players (under the age of 19) and you must bring your own as the club does not supply this.  It must be worn properly while on court & those who do not comply will be asked to leave their game.  In extreme cases, repeat offenders will forfeit their membership and not be allowed back to play for the balance of the season.

Code of Conduct and Court Etiquette

- Players arriving early are asked to help with the set-up of the posts and nets.
- Courts are for doubles play only. If 2 players are on a court please join them to get a doubles match.
- Players are asked to keep the warm up to less than 5 minutes to enable the maximum number of games to be played during a WBC session.
- Players are asked to vacate their court as soon as the game is over to enable the next game to start as quickly as possible.
- On busy nights a line will form next to the bleachers in the south gym at which time the front 4 players will take the first available court and then the next 4 in line move up and will take the next court. When finished a game come off the court and go to the rear of the line and wait your turn.
- Visitors and children are not permitted onto the court at any time.
- Players and visitors including small children are asked not to walk onto or near the court while a game is being played.
- During the winter months please take off your outdoor wet shoes outside the gym to keep water and accidents from happening.
- All water and sport drinks are to be kept away from court areas to prevent spills and possible injuries. -In case of a spill please clean it up immediately.
- All players shall show respect towards partners, and opponents and sporting conduct must be observed at all times, no profanity or bullying of any kind will be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately.
- Five minutes before the end of the  night’s session all games shall end at which time members shall help with the putting away of posts and nets.
- Players shall be considerate of their surroundings and take away any litter that may be left behind. This includes feather birds not fit for play.
- WBC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
- When approached by a WBC committee member for improper conduct the member or visitor shall comply immediately or will be asked to leave.

Guest policy

- Guests are those individuals who are new to the WBC and want to 'test drive' the club or those who are looking to play one night only.  Guest fees this season are $10 per person.
- Individuals who would like to play on a limited basis but cannot commit to a full membership should contact us for more info.

          The Windsor Badminton Club is an affiliated member of the OBA (Ontario Badminton Association).
          Follow the link provided for more information on the OBA.

Link to the OBA website