Membership & Guest Pricing

The WBC is a recreational/competitive badminton club whose membership is composed of adults and junior players (13+).

All juniors (this includes members and those attending as guests) are required to wear protective eyewear while on court.  Junior players who do not comply with this ruling will be removed from the court.  This is a mandatory rule set down by the OBA & it will be enforced without exception.

Membership Pricing for the 2016 - 2017 Season

Category Cost
  Individual membership (Sept to May)   $100 (Cash or Cheque Only)

Payment can be made by cash or cheque only - Payment by credit or debit is NOT available.

With the new reduced cost for a membership we will no longer supply shuttlecocks in 2016-17 for season.
Beginning in September we will sell any remaining stock of new shuttles to the members and guests at a price of $15 for 1 tube of 6 shuttlecocks. We will not sell individual shuttles (once they are sold they are gone and we will not sell shuttles anymore.

Guest Pricing

The WBC is open each club night to guest players and welcomes those wanting to try out the club. Participants may attend as a guest for a fee of $10 per person per night (Unlimited). 

Those who then decide to join the club will have (2) guest fee credited to their membership.

          The Windsor Badminton Club is an affiliated member of the OBA (Ontario Badminton Association).
          Follow the link provided for more information on the OBA.

Link to the OBA website